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How to improve skin hydration and elasticity

Profhilo is an injectable hyaluronic acid treatment that boosts skin hydration and stimulates new elastin and collagen production, for plump, dewy skin.

It contains pure hyaluronic acid, without cross-linking chemicals, and can be used to treat the face, neck, décolletage, and other areas of the body.

Unlike most hyaluronic acid injectables, Profhilo isn’t a dermal filler treatment per se: it's a type of treatment called a “skin booster.” Rather than creating volume directly where it’s injected, the clear, aqueous substance spreads throughout the skin, for overall facial rejuvenation and tissue remodeling.

This treatment won’t change your face shape or erase deep wrinkles, but the benefits of Profhilo injections include a subtle improvement in skin laxity, fine lines, and overall skin quality, making skin look smoother, brighter, plumper, and more youthful.

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